What We Do

What We DoOur Mission

The New Zealand Association of Credit Unions (NZACU) exists to represent, promote and support our Members, and to provide cost effective business services.

As the collective industry voice for the credit union and mutual building society sector in New Zealand, NZACU provides representation and advocacy for our Members to government, regulatory bodies, media, consumer groups and of course the general public.

We provide dedicated advisory and operational support services, such as risk and compliance, learning and development training programmes, and public relations. NZACU also delivers a full spectrum of core banking and insurance products and services, tailored to meet the needs of Members.

Our collaborative approach enables our Members to achieve economies of scale and provide the kind of operational efficiencies required to be successful in a highly competitive market.

NZACU provides a variety of products and services to its Members including:

Core Banking and Payment Services

Core Banking Platform and Payment Services

NZACU owns and operates a core banking platform that can give even small to medium credit unions, mutual building societies and other financial institutions robust transactional banking and payment capabilities. > Learn more

Central Banking Services

Central Banking Services

We provide a central banking facility which enables Members to benefit from a centralised Treasury operation to optimise their investment return and business liquidity. > Learn more

ATMs and Card Services

ATMs & Card Services

NZACU provides its Members with access to one of the largest non-bank ATM networks in New Zealand. We supply ATM machines and card services, servicing, maintenance and settlement services for card transactions at ATMs for credit unions and building societies. > Learn more

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Services

NZACU provides IT services, infrastructure and solutions through its interest in NZ Bureau Limited. We work closely to provide our Members with the benefits from shared knowledge and back office scale to help drive down costs while maintaining a high degree of system robustness and security. > Learn more



NZACU provides a range of insurance options under the Credit Union Insurance brand.  This co-operative insurance structure enables Members to provide simple risk solutions for their members at very cost effective prices. > Learn more



NZACU is a focal point for Member credit unions and building societies advocacy of the valuable contribution mutuals make to a healthy and robust financial services sector.  We regularly interact on behalf of our Members with key government and regulatory officials, as well as promoting the sector to media and other key stakeholders. > Learn more

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

NZACU provides a range of training and development opportunities for directors, managers and front line staff. > Learn more

Risk and Compliance Services

Compliance and Risk Services

NZACU provides a range of consultancy services to assist Members understand and comply with existing and emerging legislation and regulations.  These services include workshops, templates, tools and guidance notes to ensure Members can comply with their regulators’ requirements in a cost efficient and effective manner. > Learn more


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